Director's Assistant

Alex Cairns

Experienced DA, PC, PA, 3rdAD and Driver.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Alyx Duncan

Experienced TVC CC, Cast Ass and DA.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Bob Lajes

Experienced TVC PA, PC, DA, Trainee PM, Driver and Stills Photographer.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Jonathan Zsofi-Guy

Experienced DA and 3AD.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Kirsty Beaton

Over three years experience of working in the film industry in the UK and Denmark. Has direct experience of handling the duties of a PA, including for the actor and presenter David Walliams, and has previous experience as an Office Runner and Script Reader. Full, clean drivers license.

Megan Cooke

 Personable, dedicated and diligent Set, Cast, Base & Crowd PA / Runner with 5 years professional on set experience in Film & TV.

Sarah Cowhey

Agency driving, shoot crew assistant, production office setup, shoot coordination, talent coordination, footage logging, scientific research, script annotation...

Steve King

Experienced PM, PC, PA, CC, DA, 3rdAD and Autocue Op.

Direct contact only. No booking agent.

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Excellent credits on international and local productions. Highly regarded.