Costume Standby

Catherine Foster

Experienced costume designer, assistant and standby.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Charlotte Turner

Experienced costume assistant and standby.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Emma Skudder

Experienced Props Buyer, Key Costume, Costume Assist and Standby

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Mariela Lopez

I am experienced working as a Costume Assistant in the film and theatre industries with international credits. I’ve also taken the role of Production Assistant in film festivals and short films.

Samantha Morley

I am a very experienced Standby having worked on set for over 12 years. Some of these jobs have been in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Australia.

Sophia Begny

Costumer with international credits, 8 years of pre-production and on-set experience in TV, commercial and Film industries. Experienced buyer, wardrobe, set supervisor, assistant stylist & assistant costume designer.